Is smart drug the right substitute for coffee?

30 Apr

Now we all know how important that cup of coffee is in the morning time. It is usually considered as happiness in a cup. The morning coffee is very important for waking up the people from their sleepiness. Now, who has not taken coffee in their office to fight the excessive sleepiness? Coffee is office is like a magic potion that helps us to stay awake and function well. There are a number of reports that talks about a number of health benefits of taking coffee. 

But the caffeine in the coffee is not enough to help people in all matter. There are issues such as sleep disorders that can make the person feel sleepy but such conditions cannot be made better with the use of coffee. Therefore taking an alternative step will help you remain active throughout the day. Thus the use of smart drugs in such cases is very helpful. So before we jump into the ways that will help you substitute your coffee let us have a look at what smart drugs really are.

What are smart drugs?

They are nootropics that help in the functioning of the brain. The nootropics are drugs or supplements that are very useful in improving the cognition of a person. It mainly focuses on executive functions, creativity, memory, motivation, etc. The use of smart drugs is also approved by the food and drug administration (FDA) for a number of benefits. The use of smart drugs not just help people with their cognitive functions but also help people with a number of sleep disorders.

What are nootropics used for?

The use of smart drugs is very helpful to people who are struggling with sleep issues such as narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder. These conditions are all neurological factors and affect the normal sleep routine of the person. Taking these smart drugs helps people who struggle from excessive daytime sleepiness to stay awake and active. The use of smart drugs can also be used to improve the cognition of the person. The intake of smart drugs helps people with getting a better memory, concentration, better ability to understand and process information better.

The use of smart drug instead of coffee

There are a number of health benefits that coffee has to offer. This is also one of the most popular beverages in the world. But coffee is not the right solution for all your issues. The signs of sleepiness that we see at times when bored or while we are working in our offices are very much similar to that one that is caused by a sleep disorder. Therefore at times, it becomes difficult to differentiate between the two. 

If the issue of sleepiness is not very often and can be cured with a short nap then there is nothing to worry about. However, if the issue is very common and no matter how much you try taking coffee and taking naps it this doesn’t help. Then chances are there that you might actually be suffering from a sleep disorder. 

The right solution

In such a condition, the use of smart drug Artvigil is very useful. This smart drug affects the brain and promotes wakefulness in people. Therefore it helps all people fight excessive daytime sleepiness that is caused by a sleep disorder.  

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